Love & Monsters

Have you ever imagine living in a pos-apocaliptical world? In Love and Monsters, directed by Michael Matthews, an unsuccessful attempt to save the world from a metheor lead to a mutation of insects, reptiles and crustaceans. The amazing new giant and lethal fauna yielded to a Oscar nomination of best visual effects. And this is just the beginning.

Love and Monsters (2020)

After the catastrophe, humans have the necessity to live hiding in bunkers to survive. They connect with each one through radio. That is when the protagonist Joel Dawson (Dylan O`Brien) discovers the radio signal of his ex-girlfriend, Aimee (Jessica Henwick), seven years later of the day that they saw each other for the last time. After talking sometimes with Aimee, Joel decides to go after her, once he finds out that her bunker is 85 miles away.

In his journey, Joel makes some good friends, that help him along the way. Boy is a smart dog that protects him from a giant frog, and that is how they have met. Moving foward, Joel meets Clyde Dutton (Michael Rooker), an old man that takes care of Minnow (Ariana Greenblat) a small girl. The duo teach Joel a lot of information about survival in the surface, and even show him that there are some animals that are dangerous, and some are not.

The screenplay is very direct, yet, even if the movie happens in a rush, there are some great themes covered on it. Due to the context of where the story happens, the meaning of family is approched in the bunkers, where everybody helps one another to survive. The process of maturity from Joel is also covered, once he has to face his fears in order to succeed in the journey. At the end, the movie has a surprisingly outcome.

Love and Monsters was lauched by Paramount at the EUA in 2020. The movie was sold to Netflix in 2021, and it is already a great success. The well written story already calls for a sequence, approved both by the cast and the director. Michael Matthews said to the Decider: “There were some discussion about it. I have some interesting ideas. Yet, we concentrate for this one to be its own movie”.

Do you like languages? Check out the Portuguese Version of this text, translated by the own author.

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