Jussara Ribeiro is a journalist. A writer. A singer. A drawer. Once upon a time, she tried to shape herself into a matter, a function, a style.

Until the day she realised that it would not work. This was the context that was idealized CrossWorlds. She merged her taste, knowledge and perspective of life, to create her own reality. 

CrossWorlds reveals, as a methaphor, the world and it is, at the same time a subjective reality.

With an addiction to definitions, she paints pictures that create bridges among different elements of the world.

Words, draws, and games with an old fashioned style, that exhale refined references.

It is a paradoxical paradigm, as the world itself. 

To dissect a signification is to learn deeply a language. To interpret a meaning is to better perceive the reality. To comprehend the existence is to understand – and create a better world and, moreover, to discover your own trueself.

Because, in the end, everything is connected.