Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

How Indiana Jones, with his father help, discovers the Holy Grail

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)

Technical Information

After the great success of the first movie, and the polemic that generated the second one, the director Steven Spielberg launches, in 1989, the third movie of the franchise. The screenplay was written sometimes, until it arrives in the hands of Barry Watson (nickname to Tom Stoppard), for your last version.

At the beginning of the movie, is shown Indiana Jones as a boy, realizing a performance of taking a cross of explorers that were digging  in an area of canyons. He gets it, and when he arrives home, he finds a distant father – and this is the intention, to show that their relation is distant.


Indiana Jones is older, and he is archeology professor already. The archeologist receives by mail one diary that contains a lot of information on how to find the Saint Grail, that is no less than the calyx that Jesus Christ used in the last supper and also the place that received your blood, after the crucifixion. This diary was written by none other than the professor Henry Jones, his father. Indiana knows that his father is in danger, and decides to go after him to save and help him to find his dream.

In this context that Jones travels to Veneza, Italy, to research about your father whereabout. In the same place, with the help of Dr. Elsa Schneider, that was helping his father, he finds more clues about the localization of the Grail. Indy fights some men, until he surrender one of them, that said that they were the protectors of the Grail, and gave also the localization of his father, in a castle in the border of Austria and German.

While arriving in the castle, Indiana and Dra. Elsa pretend to need shelter, and obtain a room. Jones finds his father in a room besides his, and when he arrives there to rescue him, both of them are surrender by a nazi officer, besides Dra Elsa, that is German and nazi – and steals the Grail`s diary. Even imprisoned, both father and son are able to escape. Now, even that they lied that was not relevant information in the diary, they have to go after Dra. Elsa, in the Nazi German, to retrieve the information book and be able to find the Saint Grail.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)


This was the second time that the franchise Indiana Jones used the nazi as the enemy of the story, as it was in the first one. This choice makes the movie popular by unanimity, once it is one of the most tragic movements of the humanity. Anyhow, the main theme is also usual, who would not want to find the Holy Grail? The bet in the resolution of the issue between father and son also yield in the story.

In this way, the producers hit the nail on the head in the story development, br George Lucas. In the box offices of the whole world, the movie was a financial success, and raised US$ 474 171 806. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) is available on Netflix.

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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

A mystical adventure with a magical development of the search for sacred stone

About the prequel

Directed by the same movie director, Steven Spilberg, the movie is a prequel of the Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981). The devastating success of the first one opened space for a sequence more than waited by the public. Yet, the third movie of the franchise was polemic due to its darkness and violence, changing even the story of the american censorship, that created a new classification, the PG-13 (forbidden to youngers than 13 years).

The plot

The movie begins in Xangai, with our hero, Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) trying to do business in a night clube, with a chinese mafia, exchaging a relic with a diamond. The main singer of the place is Willie Scott (Kate Capshaw), that after the show joined the table where the scene begins. The chinese threat Indiana Jones, trying to keep the diamond, and Indy makes Willie victim. The shots begin and they run away together, to an airport. The plane was from the head of the mafia, and in the middle of the flight the two pilots jump with parachute.

Indy, Willie and a third character, a chinese child, Short Round (Jonathan Ke Quan) – Indy’s assistant, jump of the falling plane in an inflatable boat, in in the middle of a forest, until arrives into a lake. They finally got into the margin and met an old indian man. This man took them into a village, that was with drought and few food left. The old man explained to the visitors that their king stole a magic stone, that used to make them prosper. He also said that Indiana was sent by the gods to help retrieve the sacred stone. Jones agrees to help.

The three adventures starts the journey to the palace, with help of the natives and elephants. The moment they arrive near of the place, there are statues of the Kali goddess, worshipped by the tugues people, that are in control of the teenager maharaja. The people from the village run, in fear of the dark goddess. In the veritable Indian culture, Kali is the energy goddess, and this interpretation of the film caused a huge polemic, as the dinner that is served in the following scenes.

The group arrived in the palace and was received with great honour, and while Jones talked about the sacred stone with one of them, Willie and Short sat by the dinner table, with a lot of people – including the maharaja. The food served is unforgettable, including in the menu: small snakes, a soup of eyes, the brain of monkeys and even big beetles. The result is that the guests did not eat a single spoon, and went to bed hungry. Indiana shows up in Willie’s bedroom with some fruits, and they argue because none of them admits that wants to kiss each other.

In his bedroom, Indiana faces an intruder and after the fight, kills him. Worried, he and Short go to Willie’s bedroom, and finds a secret passage. They go inside and almost got killed in a trap, that Willie helps to stop. They have found the hiding place of the dark ritual of the tugues. Mola Ram (Amrish Puri) is the dark priest that kills people after pulling out their heart, throwing them into the lava, in a sacrifice to Kali. After the ritual, Jones is found trying to take not one, but three sacred stones from Kali’s statue. The three of them are imprisioned in the ritual’s place.

The review

The movie continues with a suprising story, that includes slavery of child to search for more sacred stones in a mine, and also a Indiana Jones bewitched by a malignant enchant. The movie reviews were divided, and its bad part was mainly for the violence, that made even a change in the american censorship, as said before. Not to mention the hindus description made by the movie, once they did not respect the real meaning of the gods, and the culinary as well. It yield a temporary censure of the film in India.

Talking about the characters, Kate Capshaw just saw about her own: “idiot blound screaming”. To Steven Spilberg, the movie was dark, and does not passes his real feeling about Indiana Jones. Yet, it was because of Temple of Doom that he met Kate, the woman that he married a few years later. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is available on Netflix.

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Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

Some stories are so enjoyable that they become timeless classics

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

Even for the new generation, there is not a single person who have not listen about Indiana Jones? This character was a huge success when the movie was first released by Paramount. The Raiders of the Lost Ark was the first story of a franchise that has four movies, and the whole saga has already collected US$1,98 billion worldwide.

The first movie is already exicinting, with a lot of adventure. Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) is an archeologist and, at the same time, a professor who gives lessons in a university. He is always travelling to search for relics to save into a museum. It was in a common classes day that the US Government required a meeting with Indy. They have informed that the Nazi are searching for Indiana’s old mentor, Abner Ravenwood, because he posses the Ra Cane, and it is the secret weapon to localize the Ditch of Souls, a secret camera where is hidden an precious ark. Jones deduct that the Nazi are looking for Hitler the Ark of the Covenant, a biblical chest that contains the pieces of the ten commandments, and according with the legend makes who possess it invencible.

The scenary vary through different places. At the beggining of the movie, Jones is searching for relics in South America’s forest. There are scenes in the university, but after he leaves to his mission, he goes to Nepal, Cairo and even the desert and the sea. The adventurous and surprisingly screenplay is written by Lawrence Kasdan and the direction is signed by the remarkable Steven Spielberg, who has also directed the three other movies of the sequence. Spielberg is not only directing the fifth movie of the saga, that was going to be released in 2021, but due to the quarantine of the Covid-19, was postpone for 2022. The new film still have Harrison Ford as the protagonist!

The movie is a relic to be seen expecting surprises, it is worth each second. Not only is recognized internationally for its success, it was indicated to a lot of awards. In the Oscar of 1982, it won in the category of best special effects, best sound effects, best sound, best edition and best art direction. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark is available on Netflix.

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Shadow and Bones series

A fantastic dark world has been enlightened

Shadow and Bone (2021)

A region called Ravka is devastated by war and divided by mysterious Dark Fold. The orphan Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li) is a mapmaker in the army. A selected group is ready to dive into the Dark Fold, and that includes her bestfriend Malyen Oretsev (Archie Renaux). Alina burns out some maps and says that she needs to go with the selected tripulation. Inside the Dark Fold, they are attacked by huge flying creatures, until the moment that Alina is picked by one of the monsters and starts to shine a strong light.

Alina is convened by the general Kirigan (Ben Barnes), lider of the Grishas. She is taken to the small palace, to be protected and that is the point that her life will change forever. Alina is the sun summoner, a rare type of magic. She needs to learn to control her powers and will have a particular and a general training, together with other grishas. The general Kirigan is preparing her to fight in the Dark Fold.

Besides the main story, there are as well the crows. They are a group of swindlers that are trying to steal Alina, in order to cross the Dark Fold for a reward from a criminal. This group of characteres is inspired in one of the trilogies that the series are from. Written by Leigh Bardugo, the first book’s trilogie is namesake from the series. And the second duology is called Six of Crowns. Both of them were used to write the screenplay of the series.

With a lot of different populations and a complex universe, the serie requires attention and patience. Shadow and Bones has already been compared with the Game of Thrones. Both series talk about a fictional world, yet making analogy to the real world. While Game of Thrones remit to the United Kingdom and Veneza, Shadow and Bones is inspired to the 1800 Russia, and as well Amsterda. The series is a labirynth that is valid to try to solve it. Shadow and Bones is available on Netflix.

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The house with a clock in its walls

A well produced fantastic story, with space for fantasy, comedy and terror

The House with a Clock in its Walls (2018)

The fantasy always amuses distinct generations, and with this movie it is not different. The House with a Clock in its Walls, is direct by Eli Roth, that gave the right amount of fantasy, comedy with a hint of terror. Its screenplay is based in a namesake novel by John Bellairs – the first of a 12 books series.

Lewis Barnavelt (Owen Vaccaro) is a ten years old child who has lost his parents in a car accident. The boy is sent to live with his uncle, Jonathan Barnavelt (Jack Black) in New Zebedee, Michigan. When Lewis arrives, he sees the place that he is going to stay: a dark old mansion. In the same night, he meets his uncle neighbour and best friend: Florence Zimmerman (Cate Blanchett).

Since the first night, Lewis listens to a high sound of a clock. He gets up and see that his uncle is searching for the sound in the walls. In the next morning, he tries to talk with Jonathan about it but he changed the subject. This was his first day at the new school, which he met Tarby Corrigan (Sunny Suljic), that befriended just because of his campaing for class president.

In the second night, Lewis decides to go after his uncle. He follows him until a room where Jonathan begins to hit a wall with an axe, and the boy runs away, afraid. Lewis goes to his room and gets his things, and as he walks through the house, the house starts to communicate with him. A picture on the wall says to him not to leave, an armor tries to stop him and finally, an armchair stand in his way.

In this night, Lewis learned that Jonathan is a warlock and Florence is a witch. Moreover, the house is not only magic, but it also has a curse made by its previous owner, a warlock that was friend of Jonathan and became evil. And that is what Jonathan is searching for, the clock is the curse, and it has to be found as soon as possible. Lewis was enchanted by this whole new world, and asked for his uncle to train him as a warlock. Jonathan agrees.

After the election, Tarby starts to ignore Lewis. He has had a dream with his mother telling him to prove that he was interesting for the boy with a magic book that his uncle has forbidden. Lewis says to Tarby that he would prove that he knows magic and, after going to Jonathan house’s, they arranged to go to the cemitery resurrect a person, once that is what the forbidden book was about.

At night, the two boys have met in the cemitery. A bone hand from the cover of the book, pointed to a tomb, and Lewis begun the ritual. The cover of the tomb started to move, and Tarby runned screaming. After a few moments, Lewis runned off as well. They have resurrect Jonathan old and evil friend, Isaac Izard (Kyle MacLachlan). The house begins to act strange, with the paint in the wall showing dead bodies, for example. Jonathan learns that Issac resurrects, but Lewis do not tells that it was him. Jonathan starts to think in ways of protecting himself and Lewis, and try to finally find the misterious clock. The story follows with the resolution of this climax.

The intense contrast between the colorful scenes, with magic and humour, and the dark photograph of the terror moments brings a dinamic and playful screenplay. The characters follow this balance with action, creating a rhythm with the fun moments, in its majority by Jonathan and Florence, and terror, finalized by Isaac and his wife. The movie follows the pattern of magic in Harry Potter style. Although it has some commonplace, it shows what it came for. It is available on Netflix.

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I hate kids: the movie

A movie that adresses the parenting theme with humor and lightness

I hate kids (2019)

Who has never wonder, or, in the case of this movie, even tought that did not want to be a parent? Nick Pearson (Tom Everett Scott) is a long term bachelor who has decided to get married. He is the author of a best seller book called I Hate Kids, that talks about the reasons a person should not have kids. His bride Sydney Bartlett (Rachel Boston) could not agree more with his ideas.

One night, a few days before the wedding, there was a dinner to celebrate with family and friends in a restaurant. The night was almost over when a teenager boy appears in the party. Mason (Julian Feder) starts to talk with Nick, and says that he is his son. Nick changes the subject and takes him into the bathroom, thinking is some kind of joke. In the bathroom, appears The Amazing Fabular (Tituss Burgess), a famous psychics which confirms that he predict that the boy is his son.

Nick is unconfortable with the situation, and decides to have a meeting with both of them in his house, at 11 p.m. He leaves the party, and meet the kid and the psychics at his house. The groom wants to know how the boy is so sure about being his son, and he explains that after the prediction of Fabular, he bought Nick’s hair in his barber and send it with his own to a dna test, that has become positive.

Nick becomes nervous because he has an impasse: he could lose his fame and career related with his book, and as well he could lose his wife-to-be, once she doe not like kids either. Yet, the only thing Mason asks is help to find his true mother, not an easy task for Nick as he has had a lot of girlfriends. Nick is already touched by the boy, and decides to help, two days before his wedding. He tells his fiance that he is going to give classes to help a friend, but she does not buy it. Anyway, Nick, Fabular and Mason are on the road trying to find which woman that he dated that gave up of a child to adoption.

The movie directed by John Asher is light, and would be 100% suitable for kids if were not some dirty words. The main theme, obviously, is parenting. While Nick starts to spend time with Mason, he begins to like the boy as a father. When Sydney sees her sister giving birth, she also changes her mind. The story puts the idea of liking to be a parent as something inevitable, what is not always true. The screenplay written by Frank Dietz and Todd Traina is direct and short (the movie has only 1h30). I hate kids is a good entertainment distraction, and is available on Netflix.

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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

How to create a remake of a nineties classic, and be sucessful?

Jumanji (2017)

Who does not remember of the original Jumanji (1995), starred by none other than Robin Willians? The movie marked not only a lot of childhoods around the globe, but as well more than one generation. Based in a namesake children’s book from 1982, the script is an adventure story, mixed with comedy. The movie became a classic, and it seems to be a huge challenge to remake the fantastic story of the magic board game.

Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle suprises from the beggining till the end. The story begins in 1996, when the father of Alex Vreeke finds a game in the beach, and gives it to him. It is a board game, yet Alex realises that it has some parts that fits into his videogame. After trying it, Alex is drawn inside the game, and no one has heard about him anymore.

Twenty years later, four young students from Brantford High School are under detention due to misbehaviour. Spencer Gilpin (Alex Wolff) is caught because he was writing homework for another student, his childhood friend Anthony Fridge Johnson (Ser’Darius Blain). The student Bethany Walker (Madison Iseman) is caught as she had made a video call in her phone, in the middle of a test. And Martha Kaply (Morgan Turner) was the student that refused to do a gym class. They all are send to the basement of the school to prepare magazines for recycling, as punishment.

The four students are bored, when Spencer finds an old videogame. He convinces the three other students to play, and when they choose their characters, they start to be drawn into the videogame. Suddenly, they see themselves inside a parallel universe. Inside the videogame, they have three bars each one on the arm, that represents their lifes. The shy Spencer becomes an explorer called Smolder Bravestone (Dwayne Johnson), and it is hilarious to see this actor playing a nerd role. The brave Anthony is named Moose Finbar (Kevin Hart), and exchaging roles with Spencer, he becomes his hand man. The timid Martha is now Ruby Roundhouse, specilized in martial arts. To finilize, Bethany is a cartographer and intellectual Sheldon “Shelly” Oberon (Jack Black), and she choosed him because she confunded the nickname with the one of a woman.

Not much later, the quartet founds a guide in a car, and as they get into it, they realises that he is programmed to say the same things, over and over again. They see as well that they will need to use each one they specialities in order to give sequence to the game, and finishes it. Niguel, the guide, tells the story of the game: a corrupt archaeologist, Russel Van Pelt, stole the eye of the the jaguar, a magic rock from a sanctuary and now all Jumanji is cursed. The stone already gave him power over the Jumanji’s animals. The jewel is alredy with Bravestone, and Moose starts to carry it.

As the quartet starts to discover where to go, they begin to overcome the stages and, as well, lose a lot of life. The have deduced that if they lose all, it is a real life death. In one of the phases, they find Jefferson “Seaplane” McDonough (Nick Jonas), the avatar from Alex Vreeke, and they tell him that he is stuck in the game for twenty years. The now five young players have the whole team together to be able to overcome the phases and finally put the magic stone back in the sanctuary, where it belongs.

As a remake, the new Jumanji leaves nothing to be desired. It not only creates a digital game, it also makes the story inside the game, conversely with the original. It also creates the story of a villain, while the first one only asks for the characters to finish the game, passing throught the board. Of course the first one has a nostalgic and retro scent, yet it is valid to take a look into the new one, once it was a sucess, with a US$ 90 millions budget and raised worldwide US$ 961 millions. There are rumors of a sequency to the movie. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is available on Netflix.

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The invisible guest

With a backwards narrative, the movie amazes in each second of the story

The invisible guest (2016)

Written and directed by Oriol Paulo, the Spanish movie The invisible guest is puzzling. Not like the majority of the suspense stories, it begins with the crime scene. Adrian Doria (Mario Casas) is found in a hotel room with his mistress Laura Vidal (Bárbara Lennie) dead, on top of a lot of money. There is no way out for the assassin, because the windows were locked from inside and the door had chain locked inside. Doria is narrating the scene from his apartment to a famous defense lawyer Virginia Goodman (Ana Wagener), and the whole film happens with their dialogue.

In the conversation between Doria and Virginia, the lawyer brings in evidence a case of a man’s disappearance, Daniel Garrido (Iñigo Gastesi), that he had been suspected. The lawyer says to him that he has to tell the truth in order for her to help him win the judgment. Then, another story begins.

Doria and Laura are driving in a road, inside a forest. They are talking about breaking up, and Doria get distracted for a second, when a deer crosses the road. Another car was coming in the other direction, and hits a tree. Doria and Laura are safe, and went to check the other car. The young man that was driving dies. They do not know what to do, so Laura suggests that they get rid of the car and the body, because they did not want to be discovered together, nor any other problems.

Even tought Adrian is the protagonist, and was good performer, he had a more restrained actions. Laura is the one that connects all the points in the screenplay. She is in almost the majority of scenes, and her performance is incredibly real. Not to mention Virginia, that leads the narrative with her questions and suppositions to another level.

Firstly, the movie counts with the narrative from the protagonist. To elevate the suspense, the lawyer gives her vision about the matter. To finalize, the awesome screenplay, that is what sustain the movie, reveals the remarkable end, with the truth. It is worth mentioning the photograph of the movie, that explores nuances of blue, when the protagonist is not in the control of what is planned; green, when Adrian is not under control of himself; an yellow, when the parents of the young man that died appear. Colours change according with each scene. It is a movie that has movement and does not get boring, in anyway. It is worth the shot, from beggining till end.

UM CONTRATEMPO: Surpreendente suspense espanhol disponível na Netflix

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Jack: the giant slayer

A fairy tale adaptation to the big screens as an adventure movie

Jack: the giant slayer (2013)

Following a Hollywood tendency, that has already done movies with modern adaptation of children’s literature, as Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood and Alice in Wonderland, it came the time of Jack and the Beanstalk. The film is from 2013, and was directed by Bryan Singer. Even though the movie used 3D technology, and also has a great story, it was not a huge success.

The story

Jack (Nicholas Hault), the protagonist, begins the movie as a farm boy. He was always into giant legends, and it is a story that all the village knows. When he gets older, his father dies and his uncle takes care from the farm. They need money, so Jack goes to the village to sell their horse. The only thing he can get in exchange of the horse are magic beans from a fray, that said that they are really special and he could take to the church that another fray would pay good money for it. The fray said that the only thing he could not do is to wet it.

His uncle gets very angry with him. He throws the beans in the floor, and one of them falls in a hole. Jack collect the ones he sees. His uncle leave to sell other things, and the night falls. The princess Isabelle (Eleanor Tomlinson), who wants to live adventures, goes out from the castle and it starts to rain. She founds a light in the path and goes to ask for shelter. It is Jack’s farm.

Jack recognise the princess, and while they are talking, there are leak dropping from the ceiling. The magic bean under the floor starts to get wet and suddenly grows out of proportions, taking the house and the princess with it. In the next morning, the plant that grew is huge and called the King’s Brahmwell (Ian McShane) attention. Jack was unconscious when the King and the knights arrived. They notice the princess’s wristband with Jack and asked where she was. He explained what happened and volunteered to climb the plant, alongside the knights, to find the princess.

On the top of the plant, was Jack’s house, but the princess was not there. There was a place with large waterfalls and land. The knights and Jack enter the place to search for the princess, that is now the giant’s hostage. This is the land of the giants, and according with the legend, they are in war with the humans that have left them imprisioned in their land, with no passage down.

The critic review

As a movie of adventure, actions scenes are well developed during the evolution of the story. The personality of the characteres is in its majority not developed. The 3D tecnology is not well managed, maily in the dark scenes, at night. Even if, in the time of being launch, the movie reached the first place in the EUA, it was a failure in the american cinemas – the movie made US$ 60 million, for a US$ 195 million budget. The movie is well written, what saves it pace. The protagonist carries the story with his performance, entertaining the spectator along the movie. For those who enjoy a modern fairy tale, it is worthwhile. Jack: the giant slayer is available now on Netflix.

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After Earth: the Will Smith film

Starring Will Smith and his son, Jaden Smith the movie is a futuristic suspense

After Earth (2013)

The Plot

In the future, after Earth pass through a cataclysm, human kind is obligated to leave the planet. The new place that is called home is Nova Prima. That is where Kitai Raige (Jaden Smith) lives with his mother. Cypher Raige (Will Smith), his father, is always working in missions across the universe as a lider of Ragers. Kitai is training to become a Ranger, like his father, yet he is rejected in the school. The Ranger Corps is an organization to fight the Ursas, aliens that wants to kill humans. These creatures hunt by ‘sensing’ fear. The Ragers fight with a technique that is called “ghosting”, that is when you control you fear to do not be found.

The day that Kitai is rejected from the training, his father arrives home. Both are upset with the failure, and have an argument at dinner. Later on, his mother Faia Raige (Sophie Okonedo) talks to Cypher and convince him to get closer to his son. He decides to take Kitai to his last mission, in order to know him better. They left in the next day, and Kitai starts to explore the nave. Until the moment that begins a metheor shower, and the nave gets damaged. They are forced to land in the nereast planet, which is forbidden because it is Earth.

As the nave enters earth’s atmosphere, it breaks in two. When it falls into the wild, the only survivors are Cypher and Kitai. Cypher was not with safety belt, as Kitai, so he was pushed by the air pressure when the nave crashed, and he broke two legs. The only working beacon to fire a distress signal is in the other part of the nave. Kitai will have to go after it, in order to save them both. Cypher gives Kitai his weapon, a wrist communicator and six capsules with a fluid that enhances oxigen, for him to be able to breath better in Earth’s low-oxygen air.

Kitai goes in a journey in a wild planet, with animals developed to kill humans, as oriented his father. Cypher can guide him throught the wrist communicator. Along the way, Kitai fight with different animals and ambiences. Until he faces Ursa, that was released from the other part of the nave in the crash.


The film was idealized by the own Will Smith, who tought about the story. It was directed M. Night Shyamalan, and produced by Caleeb Pinkett, Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith, James Lassiter and M. Night Shyamalan. The screenplay was written by Gary Whitta and M. Night Shyamalan.

Critical review

After Earth had not a good critical response, from a number of journals and websites. Not only the script was criticized, but also the special effects and the actor’s performance. The movie was idealized to be a franchise, to have a sequel, a television series, video game, a documentary, comics, an educational program in partnership with NASA, cologne and perfum, among others. The production of more than US$ 100 million was weakly received by the audience and has lost money.

The story of the movie it self is interesting, and it develop itself in a good pace. In the plot, the family theme is approched, putting in line the mend of the bond between father and son. The other theme is about Kitai evolvement as a man and as a Ranger. There are specific and interesting passages that show about both matters.

At the beggining, its shown some documentary images from environamental problems on Earth. Yet, when they arrive at this planet, it is all recovered, what is a flaw, even after 1000. If earth stills uninhabitable, it should present some problems. When the movie starts as well, Kitai sees his father flying away in the nave, even before they go into the ship. The scene repeats when it really happens, and the first one makes no sense.

At the end, the movie is worth the shot, if seeing as an entertainment. From 2013, After Earth is now available on Netflix.

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