Ha’penny Beloved Bridge

In our day-to-day rush, who could wonder that something so usual, as a bridge, can have so much history?

I remember in a nostalgic way, how many times have I crossed it, on my way to work or just walking around to enjoy my beloved Dublin.

Known as Ha’penny Bridge, the first bridge of the main river of Ireland’s capital it was built in 1816.

The curiosity is that, in fact the bridge is baptized with its name: Liffey Bridge.

At the time of its construction, ferries used the river Liffey as a way to transport people around the city.

City Officials message the ferries operator, William Walsh that he must have to change his ferries structures, or a bridge would have to be made.

He agreed to build up the bridge, with one condition: he would be entitled of half a penny of the toll charged to its users, over 100 years.

This was how its nickname has come up. The agreement was honored until 1919, when its turnstiles were removed.

The Ha’penny Bridge is a reference in Dublin’s history and until today people use it as scenery to travel pictures or even romantic photos.

It also used to have locks, as the the Pont des Arts in Paris, put by lovers to symbolize their true love. They were removed due to its heavy weight.

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An Irish Fairy Tale: Medieval Castles

King John`s Castle

Among the adventures and mysteries of the Emerald Island, the most intriguing attraction are, with no doubt, the Medieval Castles.

To live in Europe is alike being starring a movie. Have you ever thought that not only the city changes, but also the country, the continent, the hemisphere, the climate and even the time? Alas, the scenery counts a lot, because we are used to play our parts in a different color and architecture pattern.

Kilkenny Castle

Ireland is rich in history, and during its cultural formation it passed by a lot of diverse process, as monarchy in the medieval era until arriving in its Republican State (that is pretty new, from 1916). It counts with Gaelic, Nordic, Viking, Celtic and English influence, among other cultures.

Castles were built in the Emerald Island constitution, by the most diverse reasons. In its majority, they were conserve or reconstructed, and are present in the city as much as in the countryside.

Trim Castle

The scenery is so exciting that it has already been part of a lot of cinematograph productions of high standard, among which: Brave Heart, Harry Potter, In the name of the Father, Once, just no name a few of the main ones.

Check out the main one’s in the post, enjoy the scene and bon voyage!

Dublin Castle – Dublin County

Built in the year of 930, by Danish Vikings. In the XII century, it suit as a castle to Normans.

In the next century, it was reconstructed by the English, and used to defense, royal treasury and justice administration.

Of four towers, it remained only one, called “Register tower”. Visit the official website for more information.

Blarney Castle – Cork county

Built in the 1200’s, near of the Martin river. It was reconstructed by the McCarthy family in the XV century.

Some of the fort parts are opened to public visits, including the main attraction: the Blarney Stone.

It is located in the top of the castle, and its legend says that who ever kisses the blessed stone wins the power of eloquence. Check out the official site!

Kings Johns’s Castle – Limerick county

Built in 1200, in the King’s Island.

King John’s was its owner, and brother of Ricardo Lion’s Heart, I King of England. famous by appearing in legends as Robin Hood and the Knights of the Round Table.

Check out scheduling in the oficial site.

Trim Castle – Meath county

Built in XII century. A hugh tower with twelve sides is protected by ditch, moat and a stonewall.

It is worldwide known due to its part as a scenario in the ‘Brave Heart’ movie, starred by Mel Gibson.

It has a hotel by its side, built in 2006. Schedule your visit on the website.

Kilkenny Castle – Kilkenny Count

Built in 1195, by a Normand Cond. Nowadays, it is open to public visitations, giving shelter to a diverse art collection of the National Gallery of Ireland. Check out visiting information in the official site.

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James Joyce’s Museum

N° 11 Martello Tower – A piece of history, in the middle of Dublin’s cost

Located in the subdistrict of Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, Ireland, the Sandycove Martello Tower is one of the 50 tower built by the British in the country.

The constructions were an outcome of a defense Act against the Napoleon’s Bonaparte invasion, in the XIX century.  

James Joyce Museum’s entrance – by Jussara Ribeiro

Scenario of diverse histories, nowadays Sandycove tower is known worldwide because it is the place that James Joyce has chosen to be the opening of the story of his masterpiece, Ulysses.

Joyce had the opportunity to stay a few days in the tower, invited by a friend that has rented it. That is the reason why the place holds the writer’s museum, dedicated to his life and work.

The living room – a scenario of Ulysses – by Jussara Ribeiro
Path to the top of the Tower – by Jussara Ribeiro
View from the Tower’s Top – by Jussara Ribeiro
The Volta Cinema – 1° Cinema of Dublin, opened by James Joyce in Dec 1909 – By Jussara Ribeiro

Who was James Joyce (1882-1941)?

Joyce in Time’s Magazine – by Jussara Ribeiro

One of the most famous Irish writers, beside Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett and Bram Stocker.

He is also one of the more important writers of the XX century. University of Dublin was his College, and he dedicated his to the art of writing.

Study Towards an image of James Joyce – Louios Le Brocquy
by Jussara Ribeiro

Language, religion and nationality were inherent parts of his soul.

He found inspiration in Ibsen and Hauptmann, while considering the Irish literature too parochial.

During his life, he lived in different European countries. In Paris, France, he studied medicine; in Trieste, Italy, he married and had two children; in Zurich, Germany, he began to publish the first chapters of Ulysses, on newspapers.

The majority of his literary production was  published gradually in different newspapers, as novels.

Mr. Bloom. Watercolour by Roger Cummiskey – by Jussara Ribeiro

There is no doubt: Ulysses is his masterpiece. It is a narrative about the specific day, 16th of June, 1904, of Leopold Bloom.

During 19 hours, the protagonist lives a series of happenings in real locals of Dublin. The remarkable fact is that the writer does analogy to the Odyssey, a famous Greek epic poem of Homero; not only relating the characters but also about the story facts.

Polemic, Ulysses was prohibited a lot of times, due to the explicit descriptions of sexual body functions.   

My booklet and Ticket – by Jussara Ribeiro

Thanks for all the information! Such a pleasant company.
Museum’s entrance – by Jussara Ribeiro

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The Cliffs of Moher

Breathe taking!

The Cliffs of Moher are one of the most incredible natural places from Ireland.

Totally vertical, it holds a 14km of extension with an abrupt edge.

It is located in the Co. of Claire, and can be accessed by car or bus.

Once the place is located in the Westcoast of the Emerald Island, enjoy the astonishing view of the Atlantic Ocean at sunset.

The Cliffs hold three primary platforms, with a 360° view experience through its limits.

All of them can be accessed by a well-marked hiking track along its entire coastline.

At the North, the Knockardakin hill is the highest point, with 214m above the sea. It is close to O’Brien’s Tower. From there, you are able to see the view of the entire place.

View from O’Brien’s Tower

The visitor’s center is located at the middle point. It holds a great view as well, and offers food services to tourists.

Hi ya ! I am a Puffin. 

At the South, the main attraction is the Puffin Colony. It is an exotic bird species, among others maritime ones that live in there.

Per year, The Cliffs receive over one million of visitors. Not to mention that it already features in popular movies as Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

The location was also designated a world heritage site by UNESCO.

In its geologic formation is possible to see marks that holds more than 300 million years! Wow!

At last but not least, the Wild Irish west coastline was one of the finalists to the world’s natural wonders.

Are you ready ???

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