Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

How Indiana Jones, with his father help, discovers the Holy Grail

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)

Technical Information

After the great success of the first movie, and the polemic that generated the second one, the director Steven Spielberg launches, in 1989, the third movie of the franchise. The screenplay was written sometimes, until it arrives in the hands of Barry Watson (nickname to Tom Stoppard), for your last version.

At the beginning of the movie, is shown Indiana Jones as a boy, realizing a performance of taking a cross of explorers that were digging  in an area of canyons. He gets it, and when he arrives home, he finds a distant father – and this is the intention, to show that their relation is distant.


Indiana Jones is older, and he is archeology professor already. The archeologist receives by mail one diary that contains a lot of information on how to find the Saint Grail, that is no less than the calyx that Jesus Christ used in the last supper and also the place that received your blood, after the crucifixion. This diary was written by none other than the professor Henry Jones, his father. Indiana knows that his father is in danger, and decides to go after him to save and help him to find his dream.

In this context that Jones travels to Veneza, Italy, to research about your father whereabout. In the same place, with the help of Dr. Elsa Schneider, that was helping his father, he finds more clues about the localization of the Grail. Indy fights some men, until he surrender one of them, that said that they were the protectors of the Grail, and gave also the localization of his father, in a castle in the border of Austria and German.

While arriving in the castle, Indiana and Dra. Elsa pretend to need shelter, and obtain a room. Jones finds his father in a room besides his, and when he arrives there to rescue him, both of them are surrender by a nazi officer, besides Dra Elsa, that is German and nazi – and steals the Grail`s diary. Even imprisoned, both father and son are able to escape. Now, even that they lied that was not relevant information in the diary, they have to go after Dra. Elsa, in the Nazi German, to retrieve the information book and be able to find the Saint Grail.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)


This was the second time that the franchise Indiana Jones used the nazi as the enemy of the story, as it was in the first one. This choice makes the movie popular by unanimity, once it is one of the most tragic movements of the humanity. Anyhow, the main theme is also usual, who would not want to find the Holy Grail? The bet in the resolution of the issue between father and son also yield in the story.

In this way, the producers hit the nail on the head in the story development, br George Lucas. In the box offices of the whole world, the movie was a financial success, and raised US$ 474 171 806. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) is available on Netflix.

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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

A mystical adventure with a magical development of the search for sacred stone

About the prequel

Directed by the same movie director, Steven Spilberg, the movie is a prequel of the Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981). The devastating success of the first one opened space for a sequence more than waited by the public. Yet, the third movie of the franchise was polemic due to its darkness and violence, changing even the story of the american censorship, that created a new classification, the PG-13 (forbidden to youngers than 13 years).

The plot

The movie begins in Xangai, with our hero, Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) trying to do business in a night clube, with a chinese mafia, exchaging a relic with a diamond. The main singer of the place is Willie Scott (Kate Capshaw), that after the show joined the table where the scene begins. The chinese threat Indiana Jones, trying to keep the diamond, and Indy makes Willie victim. The shots begin and they run away together, to an airport. The plane was from the head of the mafia, and in the middle of the flight the two pilots jump with parachute.

Indy, Willie and a third character, a chinese child, Short Round (Jonathan Ke Quan) – Indy’s assistant, jump of the falling plane in an inflatable boat, in in the middle of a forest, until arrives into a lake. They finally got into the margin and met an old indian man. This man took them into a village, that was with drought and few food left. The old man explained to the visitors that their king stole a magic stone, that used to make them prosper. He also said that Indiana was sent by the gods to help retrieve the sacred stone. Jones agrees to help.

The three adventures starts the journey to the palace, with help of the natives and elephants. The moment they arrive near of the place, there are statues of the Kali goddess, worshipped by the tugues people, that are in control of the teenager maharaja. The people from the village run, in fear of the dark goddess. In the veritable Indian culture, Kali is the energy goddess, and this interpretation of the film caused a huge polemic, as the dinner that is served in the following scenes.

The group arrived in the palace and was received with great honour, and while Jones talked about the sacred stone with one of them, Willie and Short sat by the dinner table, with a lot of people – including the maharaja. The food served is unforgettable, including in the menu: small snakes, a soup of eyes, the brain of monkeys and even big beetles. The result is that the guests did not eat a single spoon, and went to bed hungry. Indiana shows up in Willie’s bedroom with some fruits, and they argue because none of them admits that wants to kiss each other.

In his bedroom, Indiana faces an intruder and after the fight, kills him. Worried, he and Short go to Willie’s bedroom, and finds a secret passage. They go inside and almost got killed in a trap, that Willie helps to stop. They have found the hiding place of the dark ritual of the tugues. Mola Ram (Amrish Puri) is the dark priest that kills people after pulling out their heart, throwing them into the lava, in a sacrifice to Kali. After the ritual, Jones is found trying to take not one, but three sacred stones from Kali’s statue. The three of them are imprisioned in the ritual’s place.

The review

The movie continues with a suprising story, that includes slavery of child to search for more sacred stones in a mine, and also a Indiana Jones bewitched by a malignant enchant. The movie reviews were divided, and its bad part was mainly for the violence, that made even a change in the american censorship, as said before. Not to mention the hindus description made by the movie, once they did not respect the real meaning of the gods, and the culinary as well. It yield a temporary censure of the film in India.

Talking about the characters, Kate Capshaw just saw about her own: “idiot blound screaming”. To Steven Spilberg, the movie was dark, and does not passes his real feeling about Indiana Jones. Yet, it was because of Temple of Doom that he met Kate, the woman that he married a few years later. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is available on Netflix.

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Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

Some stories are so enjoyable that they become timeless classics

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

Even for the new generation, there is not a single person who have not listen about Indiana Jones? This character was a huge success when the movie was first released by Paramount. The Raiders of the Lost Ark was the first story of a franchise that has four movies, and the whole saga has already collected US$1,98 billion worldwide.

The first movie is already exicinting, with a lot of adventure. Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) is an archeologist and, at the same time, a professor who gives lessons in a university. He is always travelling to search for relics to save into a museum. It was in a common classes day that the US Government required a meeting with Indy. They have informed that the Nazi are searching for Indiana’s old mentor, Abner Ravenwood, because he posses the Ra Cane, and it is the secret weapon to localize the Ditch of Souls, a secret camera where is hidden an precious ark. Jones deduct that the Nazi are looking for Hitler the Ark of the Covenant, a biblical chest that contains the pieces of the ten commandments, and according with the legend makes who possess it invencible.

The scenary vary through different places. At the beggining of the movie, Jones is searching for relics in South America’s forest. There are scenes in the university, but after he leaves to his mission, he goes to Nepal, Cairo and even the desert and the sea. The adventurous and surprisingly screenplay is written by Lawrence Kasdan and the direction is signed by the remarkable Steven Spielberg, who has also directed the three other movies of the sequence. Spielberg is not only directing the fifth movie of the saga, that was going to be released in 2021, but due to the quarantine of the Covid-19, was postpone for 2022. The new film still have Harrison Ford as the protagonist!

The movie is a relic to be seen expecting surprises, it is worth each second. Not only is recognized internationally for its success, it was indicated to a lot of awards. In the Oscar of 1982, it won in the category of best special effects, best sound effects, best sound, best edition and best art direction. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark is available on Netflix.

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